Rosary Parts and Supplies

OLRM Rosary Parts and Supplies

Our Lady’s Rosary Makers is the world’s largest distributor of mission rosary parts and supplies. We also carry an extensive line of fine quality rosary parts for making high quality gift rosaries. With over 400 items in our catalog, OLRM is able to satisfy the needs of all types of rosary makers.

OLRM’s rosary parts are divided into two main categories – “Mission” and “Gift” rosary parts.

Mission Rosary Parts

Our mission rosary parts are priced to be inexpensive enough to be made into mission rosaries that can be given away as charity. The costs of procuring and packaging our mission parts is partially subsidized by our member’s dues, sales of our finer quality gift rosary parts, and donations.

This allows OLRM to provide these parts at or below market value to rosary makers who agree to never sell the parts or rosaries for a profit.

Gift Rosary Parts

Order fine quality rosary parts form Our Lady’s Rosary Makers helps to fund the missionary activities of thousands of rosary makers throughout the world.